As a fresh-out-of-school graduate, finding a job in graphic design or any creative field within my studies has been extremely difficult. Each job I apply to, I have taken the step to customize my resume and cover letter, thus creating the ever growing pile of resumes. 


This resume was created with the company's branding in mind. I wanted to create a resume that could be imagined as a flyer or handout by the company. I chose a simple, block typography for the title and headers  to keep the graphic simple and clean. I chose a simple sans serif typography to compliment the theme of simple lines and used their classic red to tie in the branding. 


After sending out my resumes to different companies for graphic design jobs and hearing nothing back, it finally dawned on me that my old flashy general (retail/customer service) resume just wasn't cutting it. This resume is targeted towards illustration work as it was created for a specific job from a company.