Walt Disney J1 Cultural Exchange Program - APPLICATION


Original Post date: November 1st, 2014

I'm going to start documenting this so I could look back on it or maybe it could help someone! Let's hope my blog posts don't cut short and I make it to the end! Just a little brief background about me, I am applying through the Disney Careers website from Toronto, Canada, I am in second year university and I have worked as a cast member at the Disney Store.

I was looking into the program at the beginning of the year and I had checked the Disney Careers website late August as several blogs have said applications usually start in August but I found nothing and assumed I had missed the application date. It wasn't a big deal to me since I wasn't sure if I was ready to travel abroad and live in a different country as well as the fact that I'm not legal in America. However, you can only do this program a maximum of three times and in case I do want to do it three times, I'd have to start this year.

I started tweaking my resume and cover letter to fit the program better. I included all of my successful long term volunteering and employment as well as any short term volunteering that portrays my personality and character. My resume is about two pages long and as for my cover letter, I mainly talked about why I wanted to be in the program and what I loved about the company but I also included reasons why I would be suitable for the program to back it up. I have previous history with the company as a seasonal cast member for 2013 and 2014 so I briefly touched upon my experiences there.

I have yet to submit my application yet because I want someone to proofread my resume and cover letter. Personally I hate having someone proofread just because I know my English and grammar isn't the best but that's why I need proofreading, especially when it's something like this. I would like to get it done right. I also want to use my resources and get references from my managers at Disney. Once I get everything proofread, I will get my references this week and hopefully submit everything by Monday.

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